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Online Word Games
Play Tennis HangmanTennis Hangman Game

Plays: 5482
Category: Puzzles
Classic hangman game. Topic: Top 50 tennis men players.
Play Word ZapperWord Zapper Game

Plays: 5443
Category: Education
find as many words as you can as you avoid being destroyed!
Play SlidowordSlidoword Game

Plays: 5397
Category: Puzzles
Slide letter tiles across the board to make words. Once a word is made it is locked in place, so plan carefully, you may just lock out that letter you needed! Play in normal mode or for a quick game play puzzle mode. Double Click any of the background floating words for a definition!
Play WubblesWubbles Game

Plays: 5392
Category: Puzzles
Wubbles is a fun, fast paced, word game. Create the best words you can with the bubbles on screen. Wubbles is playable against up to 3 people in multiplayer, in a winner-takes-all match to the finish!
Play MonKeyboardMonKeyboard Game

Plays: 5298
Category: Adventure
Fun typing game with a lot of upgrades and challenges.
Play Word SearchWord Search Game

Plays: 5260
Category: Education
Connect letters to make a word. Once you believe you've spelled a complete word, hit space to submit the word and gather points. Time is running fast and adds a line at the bottom until it reaches the top. Then it's game over!
Play Typo-NegativeTypo-Negative Game

Plays: 5235
Category: Action
Protect the city by destroying the words that are eternally falling from the sky. Compete for high score!
Play Colour MatchColour Match Game

Plays: 5234
Category: Puzzles
You have to match the colour the text is writen in not the colour the word spells, it's harder than it sounds.
Play Find That AnimalFind That Animal Game

Plays: 5223
Category: Adventure
Swap adjacent tiles with your mouse to make matches of three or more . To complete the level, matches of tree or more tiles that equated with an animal that is on the picture before times is runs out
Play Word MahjongWord Mahjong Game

Plays: 5218
Category: Education
Create words with the letters on the playing field.
Play Word SnakeWord Snake Game

Plays: 5178
Category: BoardGame
Find as many words as you can in the grid.
Play SwapSwap Game

Plays: 5158
Category: Puzzles
Improve your vocabulary while having fun! Includes approx 8000 words for current version. Move the afro dude with left and right arrow keys, space bar to swap letters. Make the letters match the word below you before time runs out. Earn more points the more games you play!
Play Word Wise JetsetterWord Wise Jetsetter Game

Plays: 5152
Category: Action
You stay in trendy boutique hotels, lugging around nifty suitcases. Yet, you are just a lame wannabe hipster without a proper understanding of the globalizing world. You don’t need to feign any interest about the civil war in Sudan, nor petition against sharia caning in Malaysia. All you have to do, is to indulge in exoticism while you continue to bask in gilded consumptions. Just master a few words derived from foreign languages, and you will be on top of the world again. After all, the English language has been appropriating foreign words for centuries. Who needs cannons and spy gadgets to colonize the world? The cool lingo for the new global village is, of course, still English!
Play RoboFluRoboFlu Game

Plays: 5144
Category: BoardGame
A virus outbreak is raging the robot population. Help Professor Doktor to cure the poor robots! The virus infects the robot's brain, but with Professor Doktor's patented procedure, it is possible to remove those miniature malefactors.
Play NFL Typing 2NFL Typing 2 Game

Plays: 5138
Category: Education
this is 2 lifes version. Increase your typing speed with this entertaining game. The object of the game is to eventually get the ball through the goal posts and advance to the next level by keeping the ball afloat. Each correctly typed word kicks the ball, keeping it in play. If the ball falls below the word you are typing you start all over. You get five lives to get as far as you can. As the levels increase so do the number of players keeping your ball from the goal posts. more funny games on
Play Little Red Riding Hood WordSearchLittle Red Riding Hood WordSearch Game

Plays: 5127
Category: Education
Dynamically generated Word Search about Little Red Ridding Hood story. A unique grid every time!
Play B-Speed TyperB-Speed Typer Game

Plays: 5117
Category: Puzzles
Test out your typing skills against ever increasing numbers of words, the faster that you type the quicker you clear them off the screen.
Play Patchwork LITE US-ENPatchwork LITE US-EN Game

Plays: 5089
Category: Puzzles
Enjoy this amazing puzzle game which is patchwork themed.
Play Valentines Day Word ScrambleValentines Day Word Scramble Game

Plays: 4981
Category: BoardGame
Solve the scrambled words Valentines Day word lists
Play Ninja Word SearchNinja Word Search Game

Plays: 4927
Category: Education
Become a ninja word warrior in this cool ninja word search game.

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