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Composer Quest A Free Rhythm Game
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Composer Quest Free Game

Plays: 4573
Try to reproduce the sounds you hear and take care of their order. Finish all 25 levels and achieve the best score. CAN you do that?
Electroyez A Free Rhythm Game
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Electroyez Free Game

Plays: 4564
Hit the correct arrows at the right time. Be precise to get higher score.
60 Second Life A Free Rhythm Game
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60 Second Life Free Game

Plays: 4557
You have 60 seconds to live a life 75 years. How will you spend your short time on earth? Will you strive for success, search for love, hang out with your friends or take time for your hobbies?
Virtual Guitar - Gibson A Free Rhythm Game
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Virtual Guitar - Gibson Free Game

Plays: 4553
Play your favourite Gibson guitar on you computer
Piano Collector A Free Rhythm Game
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Piano Collector Free Game

Plays: 4549
Catwalk A Free Rhythm Game
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Catwalk Free Game

Plays: 4436
This is a rhythm game where you play as a catwalk model. You must gain style points to become the best catwalk model in the world.
Switching A Free Rhythm Game
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Switching Free Game

Plays: 4424
A small Button-Smash game.
Plentytasker A Free Rhythm Game
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Plentytasker Free Game

Plays: 4301
In Plentytasker, you start with only a single, humble blocking game, which you control with the arrow keys. But as you master it, the game reveals it's real aspects: multi tasking. After a certain amount of time, you'll unlock the other 3 games: a timing game which you control with Z, an elevation control game which is controlled with C, and a shooting game which is used with X.
Color Runner A Free Rhythm Game
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Color Runner Free Game

Plays: 4223
Run through each level as you continuously change color to match the blocks on the ground.
Bricks Destroyer A Free Rhythm Game
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Bricks Destroyer Free Game

Plays: 4217
Try to break all bricks to enter the next level. Some bricks have bonus, that could help you. Different objects will hinder you. You can hit some of them with ball. Other objects can be destroyed by ship.
RKF A Free Rhythm Game
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RKF Free Game

Plays: 4197
RKF, or Rhythmic Kicking Firehead, is a shooter mixed with a rhythm game. You don't actually have to do anything in time with anything - the game automatically fires for you, and its firing sets off drum sounds. An ever-increasingly intense wall of enemies comes towards you, which you must shoot to eradicate
One Pixel Game A Free Rhythm Game
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One Pixel Game Free Game

Plays: 4109
This is an experimental game. I wanted to make a game with the lowest possible resolution. This game is a 1x1 pixel game. It's a 1D game
Challenge of the Summer Games A Free Rhythm Game
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Challenge of the Summer Games Free Game

Plays: 4023
Race for the Gold in three different sporting events in the Summer Games.
Naughty Twins A Free Rhythm Game
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Naughty Twins Free Game

Plays: 3974
The two naughty babies' mom will go to her vacation, so their grandmother has to take care of them. She is so old and the two babies are so naughty. I'm afraid her grandmother crazy by them. Please help her.
Printer Destroyer A Free Rhythm Game
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Printer Destroyer Free Game

Plays: 3711
ENGLISH (SPANISH IS BELLOW) NOTE: This game uses a Hi-Score table that will open in new window once you submit your personal best, if you cant see the new window open you should click on the top of your browser to allow pop-up and maybe you will have to deactivate any pop-up blocker. Description =========== Daisuke Hoshi just had his bad day at the office, help him to take revenge!! Test your skills and reflex with the mouse in this fun game and try to be the best of the world. SPANISH NOTA: Este juego usa una tabla de puntos (Hi-Scores) que se abrira en una nueva ventana una vez que envies tu mejor puntuacion, si no puedes ver la nueva ventana abrirse deberas hacer click en la parte superior de tu navegador para permitir ventanas emergentes temporalmente (pop-up) y quizas debas desactivar cualquier bloqueador de pop-ups. Descripcion =========== Daisuke Hoshi acaba de tener un mal dia en la oficina, ayudale a que tenga su venganza!! Pon a prueba tus habilidades y reflejos con el raton en este divertido juego e intenta ser el mejor del mundo.
Typing Bean A Free Rhythm Game
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Typing Bean Free Game

Plays: 3690
Do you like typing games? This one is made for you! Great graphics, many levels, difficulty choice, boss at the end of every level, large database of words and others... Type to the victory, kill 8 creatures and improve your typing skills!
Circle Runner A Free Rhythm Game
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Circle Runner Free Game

Plays: 3657
Use the WASD or arrow keys to rotate the level and run from the red wall of death chasing you. Avoid spikes, falls, and "trap doors" as you attempt to get the high score.
The Lasersword Accident A Free Rhythm Game
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The Lasersword Accident Free Game

Plays: 3650
Working in a lasersword factory can be a very dangerous thing, especially if there is an accident.All those laserswords lying around on the floor, ready to dismember any unsuspecting worker...\r\n\r\n...and accidents are bound to happen. :)\r\n\r\n\"The Lasersword Accident\" is a funny, quick game, reseminiscent of the old game of pick-up sticks (also known as mikado, or jackstraws in the different parts of the world), only played with laserswords, which makes significantly more dangerous (and fun) :)
idrummer free app A Free Rhythm Game
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idrummer free app Free Game

Plays: 3642
want the app that has sweeped the nation but dont want to pay $200 for an ipod or iphone and the 99c on the app well now all you need is an internet connection with this new app
Letters A Free Rhythm Game
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Letters Free Game

Plays: 3612
How fast are you on the keyboard?

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